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Beachbell Fabric Physio Bands (Set of 3)

$44.90 AUD
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High quality fabric physio bands (3 bands per set), providing three different levels of  resistance. 

Amazingly effective to build and develop muscle strength and add unlimited extra variety to your workouts.

Our physio bands are a great workout tool not only because they're super  transportable and versatile, they can help target larger muscles as well as smaller stabilising muscles.

Great for leg exercises like monster walks, where the band is looped around the ankles and thighs and you crab-walk sideways, are an excellent activation exercise for the gluteal muscles. 

They are an excellent way to teach formal cues, especially for an exercise like squatting to help prevent your knees coming together as you descend.

By looping a band around the legs just above the knees, it forces the squatter to keep the Band under tension by pushing the knees out forcing the correct muscle to fire. These Bands will satisfy even the strongest of lifters.

To build your strength, do fewer repetitions at a higher resistance. To build your endurance, do more repetitions against less resistance.



GREY - Medium

BLACK - Strong

Don't just take our word for it.

Here are what the experts are saying:

"A genius new product that allows you to work out at the beach without lugging around heavy weights"

"It’s perfect for personal trainers who need to transport their gear, or who want to train outdoors."

"The Beachbell can be used by anyone of any fitness level. It’s perfect for personal trainers who need to transport their gear, or who want to train outdoors."

"Pretty cool if you think about the number of kettlebells you’d need if you wanted to swap weights depending on the exercise you were doing."

"Get a Full-Body Workout Anywhere With These Portable Kettlebells"

Everything you need to know before you buy

BEACHBELLS can handle any weight up 18g or 39lbs, this is based on dry sand. 

These weights can fluctuate slightly with wet sand.

One BEACHBELL can do any weight. Simply fill up with sand, align it to the weight marker and this gives you multiple weights in one BEACHBELL! Pure genius!

Damn right. We offer a 2 year guarantee on all our products. We offer only the best high quality, durable products, so if you are not happy let us know!

BEACHBELLS are designed using a solid aluminium ergonomic handle designed for maximum comfort and using the highest performance structured reinforced durable fabric that is designed to past the test of time, making sure that the sand remains compact and solid and the fabric will not break.

Our manufacturing process assembles parts made from the highest quality materials to make sure there is no breaks or damage during its lifetime.

Each BEACHBELL can be used as a kettlebell or a sandbag, it's incredibly versatile and can be weight adjusted from / 3lbs to 18 kg / 39lbs ensuring BEACHBELLS cater for every exercise you want to perform.

Absolutely! BEACHBELLS are the perfect workout companion to take away on a trip.

Holiday workouts on the beach with your BEACHBELLS are the best way to relax and recover!

You can train with BEACHBELLS every day, however, make sure you listen to your body. You should couple this with the right intensity and appropriate weight.

When performed correctly, kettlebell training can increase your muscle tone, improve your cardio, mobility, and burn a lot of calories.

There sure is! We have locations in both US and Australia, so we can do standard and express delivery in both the US and AUS.

We offer rest of the world shipping, but we need to charge an additional fee to manage this extra costs.


Folds into bag easily

These are so easy to take to the beach for a workout. I simply fold mine into my rucksack and I’m good to go!


Essential kit for any beach workout fan

Perfect for your beach workouts. Love how light it is and therefore easy to transport. I can fill according to my needs and use one piece of equipment for different exercises.
Everyone that likes working out at the beach should have this in their kit bag.


Perfect for a safe workout

I was a bit nervous about returning to the gym so this is a great way for me to get my exercises in safety. Love it.


Great for travelling

We bought one for our road trip and love it. So light to travel and we can pull it out to exercise so easily.


Best purchase ever

I love the flexibility this gives me with my workouts. Adds so much variety to my sessions. Awesome.


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