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How do BEACHBELLS work?

10 seconds to get ready - see the easy video below



1. LOAD. Fill your BEACHBELL with sand to your required weight. Use the weight guide markings to help you.

2. LOCK. Remove any air. Roll the end as tight as possible. Clip together.

3. LIFT. Start your workout. Follow us for workout sessions and share yours with us on Instagram. 

One BEACHBELL lets you select any weight you want to workout with up to 16kg (35lbs), so one BEACHBELL has the same capability as a whole range of kettlebells.

Weight guide markings so you can easily fill with sand to your desired weight.

Lightweight design allows you to easily carry to and from beach (and great for staying fit while travelling).

Ergonomically designed to ensure maximum performance and greater comfort.

Great tool for personal trainers or with teams on the beach. Easily carry as many BEACHBELLS as required when setting up classes.




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